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Dezeraye Gaiman

Meet Michelle Fowler in her interview with Rocco

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Julia Heintz

Chris gets a chance to interview senior, Julia Heintz

Screenshot 2023-04-03 105914.png

Calo talks with Chris about his love for cars and more

Screenshot 2023-03-10 075202_edited.jpg

Get to know Michael as he sits down with Dom.

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Bella Novario

Braeden's interview with Bella will make you smile!


Chad Johnson

Vinnie spends some time learning about Chad


Zelda Salkin

Zelda talks with Kayla about graduation, her trip to Europe, and more


Drew Fitzgerald

Lizzie sits down to get to know Drew


Jasdeep Singh

Jasdeep spends time with Nick to talk about his interests and his future


Sophia Shiban

Sophia and Sam talk all things Sophia


Dylan Sutcliffe

Dylan sits down with Ethan and talks about himself and all things Metallica

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Sean Moore

Sean sits down with Charlie and discuss different topics, including his love for refereeing


David Gershovych

Meet David when he sits down with Charlie

Screenshot 2023-04-04 143259.png

Meet Michelle Fowler in her interview with Rocco

Screenshot 2023-04-03 105842.png

Meet senior Michael Hansen when he sits down and talks with Anthony

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Phoebe Sonderman

Lex chats with Phoebe about all of her favorite things.

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Mohammed Alkhudir

Mohammed shares some stories with Ben about his life and coming from Saudi Arabia

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Diamond Foote

Diamond spends some time talking with Sal

Screenshot 2023-03-03 145615_edited.jpg

Jo Callam

Jo and Angie have a good time talking about all things that interest Jo.


Michael Pistone

Aiden spends time talking and learning about Michael


Jayden Scaletta

Frankie and Jayden talk sports, school, and more


Albi Bilali

Albi sits down and talks about his life and love for Star Wars


A.J. Bonick

Lola sits down and learns all about A.J.


Vince DiTomas

Vince sits down and shares his love for everything.  Especially wrestling!

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